Interview with Insomnium

Durante el pasado año, vio la luz el último álbum de la banda Insomnium, “One for Sorrow“. Justo antes de que empezaran su mini tour europeo, tuvimos la oportunidad de realizarles una entrevista que, una vez finalizada la gira, Ville Friman ha sido tan amable de contestarnos. Os dejamos con la versión en inglés, podréis disfrutar de la versión traducida en nuestro próximo número.

Empire Magazine: First, congratulations for your new album. I think it’s going to be one of the best of this year. How it’s going the fan reaction?

Ville Friman: Well thank you very much. We have had really good response from both critics and fans. I think we have set the par really high for our next album, heh heh….

EM: Why have you decided to put more clean vocals on this album? In “Across the Dark” was only one song, and if I’m not wrong, they were sampled on live. It’s going to be different now?

Ville Friman: No, we have never sampled vocals live even though we use background tracks for keyboards most of the time nowadays. I have been doing clean vocals live for two years now. This time I did all the clean vocals in the studio and will handle them live as well. There was not any bigger plan behind using the clean vocals on this album. We just added them to parts and songs that could actually benefit from them.

EM:What’s the story behind “One for Sorrow”? Have the lyrics any connection between one song and the other?

Ville Friman: One for sorrow comes from same titled old, English nursery rhyme according which the number of crows you see sitting on a tree branch determines your fortune in future life. There is not really any connection or bigger theme between the songs but every song is an its individual story. Only connection is that there is ten scenario in the poem likewise there are ten different stories on our album.

EM: Nowadays you are signed with Century Media. Any difference between that label and Candlelight Records so far?

 Ville Friman: Well, everything is working better with Century Media to be honest. But we do not have any hard feelings towards Candlelight in any way. I mean, they did lots of good things for us but the Century media is just bigger and have more connections and power to push us further to take that next step. Promotion is working very well and people at Century Media are just amazing to work with. We also have very good connection with people and are in contact with them weekly basis.

EM: What are your thoughts about Spotify? I have undesrstood that Century Media is against it, so I wanna know your opinion about that.

Ville Friman: Definitely against it. I mean I would rather let people download our music free than let some big corporation make money on our music without giving us appropriate compensation. I like the idea of Spotify but in its current form it is no good for the artist or record company.

 EM: You have an upcoming European tour. Is very short and it only features a few cities… Why aren’t you coming to France neither to Spain?

Ville Friman: Yes, we just finished the tour, and unfortunately, as it was our first headliner tour, we wanted to keep it bit smaller and less risky. We are planning to cover France, Spain and UK in more detail next year with different year. Our apologizes for not getting there with this tour.

EM: Any plans to come to Spain as a headliner soon?

Ville Friman: Hopefully next year, we are working on it as we speak.

EM: We had the opportunity to see you last year with Dark Tranquillity. What memories did you have of that tour? Any memorable anecdote with the swedish guys?

Ville Friman: It was definitely one of the best tours we ever had. All DT guys were super nice as was the whole crew. We were just one big family for the whole tour. Lots of parties and hundreds of litres of vodka was consumed but that’s what happens when you put bunch of Scandinavians into the same bus for a 5 weeks 🙂

EM: Can you describe me the music of Insomnium in three words?

Ville Friman: Powerful, Dark and wistful.

 EM: From the point that you know that you will be a musician… If you had not been born in Finland, which country would you be born and why?

Ville Friman: In North America or UK I guess.

EM: This is a question that I always ask to a band. Best album of the last year?

Ville Friman: Let me think…Even without hearing I would probably go for the upcoming Alcest album. At least the single sounded very promising. (EM: Best album of 2011… an album from 2012! Brilliant haha)

EM: If you would have the chance to pick two bands to tour with them (active bands, hehe), which bands would you choose?

Ville Friman: It would be great to share the stage with Killswitch Engage and Opeth.

EM: Do you know anything about the Spanish metal scene? It’s pretty different here, we don’t have the same support than in Finland. Do you know any band? (No google, please, haha)

Ville Friman: I have few Spanish friends and they have told me that the metal scene in there is quite small, or that the metal music is really not that popular compared to other music. Personally I know one band, Nahemah, who supported us when we toured with Ghost Brigade one and half years ago. Otherwise I’m pretty ignorant unfortunately.

EM: Well, thank you so much for your time. The last words are yours.

Ville Friman: Thank you for the interview. If you haven’t heard of us before, check us out at Myspace or Facebook, and hopefully we’re able to come to Spain next year! Cheers!

Insomnium 2012


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