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Without a doubt, In Solitude has released one of the best albums of 2011 and they’ve played in the best european festivals like Roadburn, Hellfest, Maryland or Wacken. They were confirmed for the second edition of Live Evil (a festival where the lineup is chosen by “the band of the week” of Fenris from Darkthrone) in London and I had the opportunity to chat with Uno and Hornper.

Empire Magazine: First of all, congratulations for your new album. It’s amazing and I love it. You are signed with MetalBlade Records nowadays, which the main difference between this label and the previous one?

Hornper: Well we signed to Metal blade because we felt they suited us the most. We don’t care about the “hype” of this label. The main difference is that MBR is a big label and we have more promotion and more shows to play. But we don’t have any bad feeling for Pure Steel label, despite the press, they did a good job with us.

EM: Which the main difference between your debut album and “The World. The Flesth. The Devil”? I think the new one is more mature.

Uno: Yes. With our debut album we write 8 hit songs, we didn’t write a whole album, it was more 8 different songs. “WFD” is far more dynamic and reaches deeper in our sound.  Like you said, is more mature.

H: We all have evolved as musicians and the subjects we explored on the debut has been experience and we are now creating cracks in this world and crawling through them. I think you need more then one spin to get into this album, but listen close to you heart and you’ll see the landscape that lies behind these cracks.

EM: Where it comes your inspiration to write the lyrics of In Solitude?

H: Uhm… Practise. (big silence). Practise of the soul, of the body. It’s all inside you.

EM: How was working with Fred Estby at Nicke Anderson’s Gutterview Studios? I think he did a great job with the drummings.

U: It was great! We share the same vision of how our music and atmosphere should sound. He was the man for this album.

EM: This year you’ve played in a lot of shows and festivals like Hellfest, Wacken, Maryland… Even you’ve recently played an american tour. Which memories do you have from this?

H: We’ve gained a lot of experience and we’ve meet a lot of people. Also we played as the support band for Pentagram and this was a big honour to all of us.

EM: Are you tired of all the people saying that Mercyful Fate and Maiden are your biggers influences?

U: (lots of laughs) Yes, a bit. Of course we are big fans of both bands, we’ve grown up with Mercyful Fate but I think that we have our own sound. And our biggest influence is own life.

H: We experience music, art, literature, life, death, magik and are constantly influenced and affected by these keys in our life. Consciously and unconsciously.But since we all have listened to and played rock and metal since we were small kids, we sure are shaped from bands like Mercyful fate and Iron Maiden, and I guess that’s why people hear those elements. The biggest influence for me on this  has been the other members, the universe of In Solitude and the great work that lies behind the creation of that beast!

EM: What’s next for In Solitude after the release of the new album?

U: Well, make more music, of course. And we have planned a tour through europe, we cannot say nothing yet, but don’t worry, we are coming to Italy.

EM: Uh? I’m not from Italy…

U: Oh, I thought you were italian. Where are you from?

EM: Spain (laughs)

U: Uh, sorry. We are not coming to Spain. (NdR: Is not a surprise…) But we have great memories from our show in Madrid in 2009. We met a lot of new people and we played a great show. I hope we come back to Spain soon.

EM: Can you describe In Solitude in three words?

H: Da tariki, tariqat. (Literally and carved very deep)

EM: Like it or not, there’s a lot of hype around you, like you are ‘the next big thing’. Do you think that this can be a problem? That someday you are going to play the music that they want instead make your own music?

H: It cant become a problem, actually. It doesn’t function that way in our world. If In Solitude is going, it means that we are only listening to ourselves when it comes to what this band is and how we sound. Its very simple, we are in this band and nobody else. And we would never go against our own will or submit to anybody else’s ideas but our own. Thats the conclusion that lasts forever.

EM: There has been a rumour that the day you formed the band, you did something like a “ritual”. You know, internet is full of something, but I’m curious about all the mysticism around you.

U: ¿Ritual? When we formed the band we were 11 years old (lots of laughs) but I understand what you mean. Like you said, internet is full of something, mostly crap.

H: We didn’t did nothing. We are just ourselves.

EM: Well, thank you so much for the interview. The last words are yours.

U: Thanks for your support.

H: Hope to see all of you out there and dance with us in our magical night.

NDR: The interview is that short because we did it in a crappy backstage at the Underworld (London) while a band was playing. Also the backstage was plenty of people that dit a lot of noise. Some questions were impossible to transcribe. My apologies for that.


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