AHNENGRAB interview (English edition)

Spanish edition: http://issuu.com/empirezone/docs/empire__18

EMPIRE MAGAZINE: Right now you are still relatively unknown in Spain. Could you please sum your history up in a few lines?

AHNENGRAB: Hi, we are a quiet young band from Frankfurt at the Oder in the East of Germany. The Band was founded in 2006, the first release AHNENGRAB was in 2008 on another small Indy-label. Our music is a mix of black metal, a bit of folk and also classical Heavy-metal. We are five persons in a classical set-up: 1 drummer, 2 guitar-players, 1 bass-guitar and me the vocalist. After playing a lot of smaller gigs in the past, 2009 we’ve played together for one gig with for example Moonsorrow, Unleashed or Korpiklaani at the German issue of the “Paganfest” and we also had our first gigs in foreign countries as for example Austria and Switzerland. In 2010 and again in 2011 we’ve played together with a lot of bands from all over Europe in France at the “Menhir Chevelu-Festival” also with a nice band from Spain Northland. In summer 2011 we’ve signed at “”Einheit Productions”, after they have listened to some demo tracks of the new album a few month before. That was in our opinion a good decision because of their professional work, while supporting their bands, so you got our new longplayer^^. In February 2012 we’ll release our second album OMEN and we are hopefully looking forward to see what the future will bring


How has the first “Omen” press feedback been? I think it’s an amazing album and therefore, it scores an 8/10 in our review.

Ah, ok thx for that, well, yeah the first feedback that we got in the last weeks has only been very positive. For us that is very amazing, because we are an under-ground band and as you know, it is very hard to got listened and also to became more known beside all the other bands in Germany, in Europe and all over the world.

The sound of “Omen” is absolutely delightful. Could you please tell me about the production process and how did Eric Krause contribute to the songs?

Yeah we also are very satisfied with the sound and the whole album. We’ve decided to record in the home studio of Eric after we had also recorded our first demo tracks for this album there a year before. He is a young guy, he got a professional study and the work with him was pleasant. A big plus for him is, that he still has to establish in the scene, for getting more arrangements with other and maybe more famous bands. He knows what he is doing, because he himself is an excellent guitar musician, what was positive for the record- and for the mixing process after recording. As a special contribution he has arranged the nameless track that maybe is the intro for the final of the album.


Your songs feature a variety of different atmospheres and you achieve this in such a natural way. What’s the most important thing when you write Ahnengrab’s music?

Maybe the “secret” is that before a song is finished, everyone in the band has to be satisfied with it, that means that also everyone of us brings his influences in it. For us it is important that the music and the melodies sound good and also that it expresses these emotions that has been responsible therefore, that the song has arise. And it is very important, that it sounds “naturally” like you called it, because we want to play it live on stage in the same way as on cd.


“Die das licht nie sehen warden” is furious and melodic at the same time, and your best track in my opinion. Could you please tell me about this song and the story behind it?

Oh, well, it is one of the older tracks from the new album. We are playing it live, since nearly 2 years, but it also got the “last cut” short time before the recording. It means” Those ones that will never see the light” and the lyrics describe, in our opinion, in a simple way, that is wrong to think, just by believing and walking the same path like everyone, that you will do the right. It means that those that still strive for something that not exists, blinded by empty phrases, will end in the nothing.


I think that the members of the “Staatsorchester Brandenburg” played parts on songs such as “Wind” or “Outro”. Could you please tell me how this cooperation was and how it happened?

Yeah exactly, and also in the Intro^^. We’ve got the idea a long time before the recordings, we wanted to do something that is different to the other stuff in the normal extreme-metal scene. Fortunately, we had the possibility to realize it, because the parents of one of our guitar-players and of a good musician-dude from Frankfurt (Oder ) are members of these orchestra, so we were able to tell them our idea and to ask if they could imagine to play some arrangements, we had composed,  which could harmonize with the sometimes harsh sound of our music.


I think some of your main interests involve ancient cultures and History. Which cultures are your favourite? Maybe it shows in your lyrics but unfortunately I can’t understand German language.

Well, like, you could imagine, the lyrics are influenced by impressions of northern myths but not that pure stuff that for example Amon Amarth sings about, our thoughts are just influenced by it. But a lot of the lyrics are really about emotions and shit that happened in our life. In one song the lyrics are also about historical facts of the German history.


How do you get along with your label, Einheit Produktionen?

As I have told you in the first question, we are very happy about the good job they do, because they are working very professional and the communication between label and the band is great, in difference to our first label, which partially wasn’t able to send new CDs or to promote the CD. Thx for that, EINHEIT Produktionen.


Which will be your next step? Are you planning on touring soon?

Hahaha ^^, we would be happy, if we were able to have more time to work together with the band in the band room. That’s not so easy, because we are living in three different cities because of studying and working. We are hopeful of getting the chance and the time ^^  to celebrate our stuff on more gigs and maybe on a tour also in other countries, in the future.


I think you had some problems because some people thought that you were a NS band… Could you please tell me about it?

Yeah you are right, in Germany it is hard for bands of the black- or Viking-metal scene to handle these topic. A lot of persons, in fact in the world wide web (web-warriors ^^) are scanning the web for bands with special names as for example with words like ANCIENT, NORTHERN, VIKING… and so else. And unfortunately, most times without having any informations, without listening to the band, or to read the lyrics, or, to talk to someone of the band, they write at first in a new blog that these bands after a long “research” 100% are nazi…  -.- stupid guys, that aren’t able to accept any other opinions, or to have controversial conversations between different opinions.

Another problem is that a few persons often are trying to abuse black metal or Viking metal-concerts, to disseminate their politics. At this point , we clearly have to say, that concerts and music are no platform for any policy, no matter what.


How is the extreme scene like on your area? Could you recommend me some underground bands?

Well, yeah! The extreme metal scene in our hometown “Frankfurt at the Oder “ is, in relation to its size, big. With bands like RIGER or MINAS MORGUL there were some bands that have a long history and which are well-known in the scene of black- or pagan metal. And also young bands like PENETRALIA, doing great thrash and death metal, are our band-room neighbors.


Do you want to add anything more?

Yeah!!! We want to thank all the people that helped and supported us while the development-process of the album, especially to the classical musicians and to all our friends. Without all these persons , that hasn’t been possible. Also we thank EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN for the good work they have done till now and that they are still doing. Special thx goes to Eric Krause for the great recording and Ingo Tauer for the apocalyptic artwork he did again for us!!! Support the EIER-KLAUS!!! Stay heavy !!!


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