Metalfest Open Air Germany East 2012


31.05. – 02.06.2012 Festivaldays


Dessau (former) Airport
You can check the festival area HERE

Tickets at the fesival´s box office

Information about the tickets at the box office will be announced some weeks before the festival starts.

Stages / Bands

We got two stages on which over 60 bands will blast your ears during the three festival days! One big open air stage and a 2nd stage.

Parking area

You are allowed to park your car right next to your camping tent. Additionally we got enough parking space for the one-day-visitors.
Parking costs 10 € per car for the whole weekend. You can purchase your parking ticket directly at the checkin/entrance to the camping area. 


You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Cans, plastic bottles, canister and tetrapacks are no problem. NO GLASS on the whole campground and festival area, because of the high accident risk! Other prohibitions: open fire, fireworks/pyrotechnics, drugs and weapons of all kinds!
The mein-zelt-steht-schon crew provides a special service for those of you who don’t have a tent of their own or do not want to carry it all the way. They do not only rent tents, they also pitch them for you. This way you can move into your festival accommodation and start partying right away!
Check more info at


Opening hours:

30.05. Wednesday 12.00 –  0.00
31.05. Thursday 0.00 –  0.00
01.06. Friday 10.00 –  0.30
02.06. Saturday 10.00 –  0.00
03.06. Sunday 0.00 – 12.00

VIP Container
30.05. Wednesday 13.00 – 22.00
31.05. Thursday 9.00 – 22.00
01.06. Friday 9.00 – 22.00
02.06. Saturday 10.00 – 21.00


There will be breakfast-booths on the campground that provide you with everything you need to start the fesitivalday with best-price-guarantee.

WC / Showers / Hygiene

We will install numerous mobiltoilets on the campground and the festivalarea, additionally some flush toilets (fee:1,00€) at a central place. Please keep them clean, your followers will be thankful!
Fee requeried showers (2,50€) will be set up at the end of the campground. You can also buy a flatrate wristband for 8€, then you have unlimited access to the flush toilets and showers. Available at the office near the showers.
Opening hours
30.05. Wednesday 13.00 –  1.00
31.05. Thursday 7.00 –  3.00
01.06. Friday 7.00 –  3.00
02.06. Saturday 7.00 –  3.00
03.06. Sunday 6.00 – 12.00 


The festivalarea is private property and we ask you to dispose your garbage in the positioned garbage containers. Keep the area clean, cause we want to use it for some Metalfests in the future. Follow the crew’s and security’s instructions, unteachable visitors will lose their festival-straps and will be expelled from the area.



Here’s the time schedule of the Metalfest busshuttle from Dessau’s main station to the festival area (Alte Landebahn)
Metalfest Dessau – Busshuttle

Additionally, there will be the public vehicle service which drives from the main station (Hauptbahnhof) to the festival area. Important note: Exit the bus at “Landesverwaltungsamt” then go through the passage “Technikmuseum”!

Linie 10: Mo-FrSaSu
Linie 11: Mo-FrSaSu
Bus at night N1
Bus at night N5

The bus ride costs 1,50€ per trip

Signing Sessions

You will have the chance to meet your favorite bands at the official Meet & Greet Point.
A timetable will be published a few weeks before the festival.


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