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Wednesday – Saturday August 08-11, 2012

start on Wednesday, Aug 08th in the afternoon (time t.b.a.) warm-up; Thursday, Aug 09th at 11:00 AM;
Friday, Aug 10th at 11:00 AM; Saturday, Aug 11th at 11:00 AM

Camping site opens on Wednesday Aug 08th at 12:00 noon


JAROMEŘ – Old Army Fortress JOSEFOV / Czech Republic (130km east of Prague)

Direct address: 5.kvetna street, 551 02 Jaromer-Josefov

Brutal Assault on map

GPS location: 50°20’25.54″N; 15°56’7.3″E


Entrance fee

1800,- CZK at the door (approx. 70,00 EUR*) for the whole festival.

PLEASE NOTE: at the box office the local currency will be preferred however EURO will be accepted too. Currency will be based on the updated exchange rate of the day.


Pre-sale tickets

TICKETS for BA 2012 – prices starting from 1550,- CZK (approx. 61,90 EUR) + fees


1550,-CZK + fees reduced pre-sale price (approx. 61,90 EUR* + fees) for the whole festival. This edition of tickets will be available only until July 31st, 2012

See TICKETS section for more information on how buy a Pre-sale ticket or how to reserve a ticket.


How to get to Jaromeř


Take a flight to Praha (or Brno or Katowice): | | | | |

check out if some of these companies are flying from your destination. If not get in touch with via e-mail:


Plan your trip using -> this site <-

Please note you will need a highway coupon that cost 250CZK (approx. 10 EUR*) for 10 days. Available at the borders, most of the gas stations and every post office.

There are a few cities and distances just get in the picture how close or far is Jaromer from your area…
Bratislava -> Brutal Assault = 300km
Košice -> Brutal Assault = 550km
Berlin -> Brutal Assault = 390km
Frankfurt am Main -> Brutal Assault = 650km
München -> Brutal Assault = 510km
Warzsawa -> Brutal Assault = 490km
Wroclaw -> Brutal Assault = 150km
Krakow -> Brutal Assault = 400km
Vienna -> Brutal Assault = 310km
Linz -> Brutal Assault = 370km
Budapest -> Brutal Assault = 500km
Zagreb -> Brutal Assault = 670km
Beograd -> Brutal Assault = 880km
Vilnius -> Brutal Assault = 1010km
Minsk -> Brutal Assault = 1120km
Kyyiv -> Brutal Assault = 1230km
Amsterdam -> Brutal Assault = 990km
Brussel -> Brutal Assault =1040km
Paris -> Brutal Assault = 1180km
Zürich -> Brutal Assault = 820km
Roma -> Brutal Assault = 1430km

route from WEST (Germany, France, Switzerland, Benelux etc.) via Prague (approx. 130km from Prague): use highway D11 direction to Hradec Kralove. Continue on road # 33 direction to Nachod. In Jaromer turn to road # 299. After 2km you are in Josefov – follow signs to the BA fest

mapa Praha - Josefov


route from SOUTH or EAST (Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy etc.) via Brno (approx. 160km from Brno): Take road #43/E461 direction to Svitavy, then continue on road # 35/E442 to Hradec Kralove. Take road # 33 direction to Nachod. In Jaromer turn to road # 299. After 2km you are in Josefov – follow signs to the BA fest.

mapa Brno - Josefov

route from NORTH or EAST (Poland, Baltic States etc) via Ostrava (approx. 260km from Ostrava): use road # 462/R35 direction to Olomouc and Hradec Kralove. Take road # 33 direction to Nachod. In Jaromer turn to road # 299. After 2km you are in Josefov – follow signs to the BA fest.


mapa Ostrava - Josefov


Train or bus

Plan your trip using -> this site <-
Plan your trip to Jaromer using directly to Jaromer. The festival ground is about 20 min. [2km] walk from the train station in Jaromer. The walk from the bus station “Na Spici” in Jaromer will take around half an hour.


Official BA Taxi service

You can get special “BA Taxi” for a fair price. They got cars or mini-busses if demanded. We have fixed a price per one drive from Brutal Assault festival site to Hradec Kralove for 500CZK (approx. 20 EUR*) per one taxi. The official BA Taxi cars will be marked as “Official Taxi Brutal Assault 2012”.

Official BA Taxi phone numbers (non-stop service):

+420 777 02 02 02
+420 777 02 02 81
+420 775 90 91 10
+420 775 02 02 97



Find the weather forecast here



* Important notice about the prices in EUR. The currency rate between Czech Koruna and EUR is changing every day. That’s why we mention only approx. EUR amounts. During the PayPal transaction you will see how much EUR (or the other currency your accound is held) will be charged. Also when paying the reserved tickets at the ticket office, the EUR currency will be based on the currency of the day. So please prepare Czech Koruna to pay the ticket(s) or use the exchange office at the main entrance.


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